Why You Need an ATV to Up Your Hunting Game

It’s that time of year again. Many hunters feel like it is the most wonderful time of the year. Hunting is a part of our history, a primal instinct, and when done correctly, a fun and enjoyable activity.Over the years, hunting has evolved, with many advancements allowing hunting to become more accessible than it was years before. One of those reasons being ATV’s and they have become increasingly popular among sportsmen(women) for this time of year.


Why Are ATVs So Popular for Hunting?

One of the main reasons ATVs have become so popular is that the best or favourite hunting sports are more accessible via ATV. If your spot is around rough forest trails, or getting to it involves maneuvering through dense back trails outdoors, then an ATV is likely your answer. If your hunting style requires a lot of gear that you otherwise would have to haul on your back, then why not lighten your load? If there is one particular area you’ve wanted to hunt at, but it’s too far by foot, the only answer is an ATV.


Things to Consider Before Taking Your ATV on Your Next Hunt

Utilizing an ATV to hunt means more opportunity but also more responsibility. Being respectful of other hunters and landowners should be common sense but a good reminder. Operating an ATV can be illegal if you are in areas where motorized vehicles are banned, so make sure where you are going is allowed. Hunting either early in the morning or late at night may also be unlawful, so make sure you inquire about specific hunting times posted. It is possible to muffle your ATV, so it causes less noise and has fewer exhaust fumes. If you don’t do this, you could inadvertently chase off the very animals you are trying to hunt. Don’t cross streams unless it is at designated crossing areas or bridges, as you don’t want to pollute the water supply and make things harder for your fishing brothers or sisters. It is illegal to chase down the game with your ATV or to wander off into unmarked trails.


What to Know: Resources, Maps, and Trails

Understanding where the legal trails are and knowing the appropriate schedules is a part of your responsibility. Local Wildlife Agencies and Game Departments can provide you with maps and other logistical information. They can also educate you on license requirements, costs, and additional fees that may need to be paid to hunt in various areas. Your local Wildlife Agencies are a wealth of knowledge; they will know the best places to camp or lodge and what to do if you become unfamiliar with an area. It is vital to understand the local rules and be comfortable with what is legal and what isn’t.


ATVs: Great for Carrying Your Equipment

As mentioned before, using an ATV can help if you need to haul a lot of gear with you to your spot. Using a trailer hitch or a winch is best for when you have successfully captured your game and need to get it back to your site. ATVs also should have room for attachments, such as gun-boot or hard-shell attachments for your rifle, GPS mounting cases, and two-way radio holding stations as well.


Take Your Hunting Trip to the Next Level with ATVs

Purchasing an ATV to up your hunting game is often a practical step forward in your hobby. There are many positives as long as you follow the guidelines, understand the regulations, and respect the land. There are various ATV options for you to choose from, and understanding the one the best suits your needs is a crucial component to a successful investment. Come and speak with us at Breeze Financial about financing your next adventure.




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