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Types of UTVs & Side by Sides We Finance

We finance a wide variety of UTVs & SXS. Whatever brand you are looking for, and whatever kind of UTV or side by side we can finance it. Some of the types of UTVs & side by sides we have financed are:

• Side by Sides for Trail Riding
• UTVs for Hunting
• UTVs for Farming or Ranching
• Side by Sides & UTVs for Families
• XTVs & Amphibious Vehicles

Check Out Our Latest Side by Sides/UTVs

Are you ready to tear up the trails? Or maybe you are looking for a new workhorse to get more done around the farm or ranch? UTVs & side by sides are both functional and fun, and these awesome machines are easy to finance through Breeze Financial Solutions. Whatever you are looking for, whether it’s a sport & recreation machine that has up to 225 horsepower or a utility vehicle that can carry 1,500 LBS and tow 3,500 LBS, for just 2 or 6 riders, we can make that happen!

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We offer a range of side by side financing solutions quickly, no matter your credit score.


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I bought my cforce 500 with breeze and Pat Passi was great to deal with super friendly and got the job done fast and stress free! I highly recommend him for sure!
Samantha B.
Samantha B.
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Great experience with Breeze Financial!!! Definitely recommend 5 stars for them!! And if your looking for the guy to take care of you ask for Josh!!!!
Martin L.
Martin L.
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Their service was awsome! Tevin gave me the best you can get for costumer service! Thanks again for my quad!
Melanie L.
Melanie L.
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Roberto was amazing to deal with! He helped me purchase my 2018 CF Moro CForce 800. He was very professional and kind. Roberto made the purchase very easy!
Doug P.
Doug P.
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Pat Passi thanks for your service the best service applied for a quad he got me approval in day had my new quad keep up with your great work
Stephen H.
Stephen H.
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Roberto was top notch. He got the bike I wanted and when I wanted it. He made so simple. Call, sign papers and then pickup your bike. Yep that simple. Highly recommend Roberto.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about Side by Side or UTV financing? We got you covered. Take a look at answers to common questions.

An ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) is a single-rider vehicle designed for off-road use, with handlebar steering and straddle seating. A SxS (Side by Side), also known as a UTV (Utility Task Vehicle), is a larger vehicle that can accommodate two or more passengers side by side, with a steering wheel.

Side by Side and UTV financing refers to a loan or financing option specifically designed for purchasing a utility terrain vehicle (UTV) or side-by-side vehicle. It involves borrowing money from a lender and repaying it over time, typically with interest. The terms, interest rates, and down payment requirements can vary depending on the lender and your credit history. We offer a simple and quick 3-step financing process to get you riding your new vehicle in no time.

Eligibility criteria can vary by lender, but generally, you need to be a Canadian resident, have a valid driver’s license, and be of legal age in your province. With our solid network of lenders and dealers, we make the process easier and quicker for you. Our expertise in the available financing programs allows us to go above and beyond to get our customers approved for a loan.

Many lenders in Canada offer financing options for both new and used Side by Sides and UTVs. However, the terms and interest rates may differ depending on the age and condition of the vehicle. As powersports specialists, we can help you identify the right vehicle for your needs, whether it’s new or pre-owned.

Loan terms for Side by Side and UTV financing can range from 12 months to 60 months or more, depending on the lender and the amount financed. Shorter loan terms usually come with higher monthly payments but lower overall interest costs, while longer terms have lower monthly payments but higher total interest costs. We negotiate with dealers on your behalf, offering the best-in-market options and ensuring you get everything you need for your outdoor adventures.

Before applying for UTV/Side by Side financing, make sure you can provide the basic documents requested by lenders when we submit your application: a valid ID – like a driver’s license or a photo ID; proof of income – paystubs and your tax return receipt; and bank statements. It’s also important to assess your budget to ensure you can afford the monthly payments. And when it is time to sign your agreement, carefully read it to understand the terms and conditions. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction so you can come back when it’s time to upgrade your ride!

The Breeze Financial team is an expert in all the available loan programs from traditional and non-traditional lenders. By getting to know your profile, we can properly fit you into the right program and lender, avoiding submitting your application to multiple financial institutions simultaneously and increasing your approval chances! Our motto is “Guaranteed Approval!”

XTVs (Extreme Terrain Vehicles) are amphibious vehicles designed to operate on both land and water. They are equipped with features that allow them to navigate through challenging terrains, including swamps, mud, and snow, making them versatile for various outdoor activities and work environments.

No, XTVs are not typically considered a type of side by side. While both are off-road vehicles, XTVs are specifically designed for amphibious capabilities, allowing them to travel on land and water, whereas SxS vehicles are primarily designed for land use.

Some of the top SxS/UTV brands in the market include Polaris, known for their innovative designs and performance; Argo, renowned for their amphibious XTVs; CFMoto, offering a range of affordable and reliable models; and Kawasaki, a brand with a reputation for durability and ruggedness.

UTVs offer several advantages over trucks for farm work, including affordability, versatility, and agility. They have impressive carrying and towing capacities, can be equipped with various tools such as plows and groomers, and are powerful enough to handle any terrain. Additionally, UTVs are easy to drive and can also serve as leisure vehicles for activities like riding, hunting, and fishing.

Side by Side & UTV Resources & Info

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From ATVs to Trailers, Snowmobiles to Boats, we have knowledge & experience financing a variety of recreational powersports vehicles.

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