Heading outdoors? If you want a ride that can handle anything, Argo toys should be on your radar. With their sturdy build and powerful roar, Argo’s are ready to take on mud, rocks, hills – you name it.

But before you drop a chunk of change, you probably have questions. 

What kind of experience will they give you? What models are out there? And most importantly – are these ATVs really worth it?

Whether you’re an experienced rider or new to the trails, this guide has you covered. We’ll break down the different Argo models and help you decide what of these beasts is the perfect match for your adventures.


About Argo – XTVs, ATVs, and SxS’

First, let’s get on the same page about the different types of toys Argo can offer. The brand is well-known for its All-Terrain Vehicles, rugged rides built for outdoor thrill-seekers who want to explore nature without limits. The model range includes XTVs, ATVs, and Side by Sides, allowing you to zip around the wilderness quickly and reliably.

Now, Argo is a Canadian company that’s been around since 1962. They’re famous for toys that conquer both land and water. Argo has redefined adventure’s boundaries with its Xtreme Terrain Vehicles (XTVs) category. Also known as amphibious, Argo XTVs have a unique 8-wheel drive that delivers exceptional control and off-road capability. Each wheel adds traction, smoothly tackling mud, forest trails, lakes, and rivers. With their low center of gravity, Argo XTVs can overcome obstacles that would stop other powersports vehicles in their tracks. Whether it’s rocky cliffs or marshy swamps, these machines power through it all for an unforgettable thrill ride.

By having a long-standing name in the off-road industry, Argo has perfected the art of conquering challenging terrains with its rugged ATVs and Side by Sides. Argo ATVs can traverse land and water effortlessly. They are ideal for thrill-seekers, hunters, and professionals in various industries due to their versatility. At the same time, Argo Side by Sides are comfortable and safe off-road adventure for passengers.

Built for tackling rough terrain with advanced suspension and powerful engines. 

In a nutshell, Argo’s off-road vehicles are your ticket to exhilarating outdoor exploration in the most challenging conditions. Whether you’re after thrills, utility, or family fun, it promises a one-of-a-kind off-road experience that unlocks nature’s true potential. Model updates are released each year to ensure the rider’s satisfaction is always met. 

Are Argo XTVs, ATVs, and SxS’ Good?

Now for the big question – with their rugged reputation and thrill-seeking vibe, are Argo toys worth your hard-earned money?

The answer is a resounding yes.

The best proof is how easily Argo vehicles conquer any land and water terrain. They fully live up to their “all-terrain” name and really empower your adventures.

Each Argo model has unique strengths, too. Between advanced tech, hardcore durability, and raw power from Kohler engines, Argo delivers an unmatched ride through the wilderness. Their wide range serves all outdoor lovers – whether you’re into hunting, fishing, camping, or just exploring. In short, the Argo models combine power, performance and passion into one thrilling package. That makes them not just good but an excellent choice to fulfill your off-road dreams.

For after-sales support, trusted Canadian dealers provide reliable service for worry-free ownership and financing options. 


A Breakdown of Argo Models and Features

The array of Argo models offers unique features tailored for an optimal off-roading experience. As detailed on the company’s website, the current lineup includes:

  • The XTV Aurora 800 series, including the 850 IR and 950 IR models, provides Argo’s premium, high-performance platform thanks to innovative Instant Torque Clutch technology and powerful V-Twin engines.
  • The XTV Conquest Pro 950 XTI flaunts aggressive 25-inch tires, a robust 40 HP Twin Cylinder EFI engine, and an Admiral transmission for professional-grade capabilities.
  • Built for challenging rescue operations, the XTV Aurora 850 R Responder features a rugged LX 850 V-Twin engine to deliver dependable performance in tough terrains.
  • Newly released, the value-oriented XTV Frontier 700 6×6 amphibious six-wheeler touts left-side steering, ARGO Progressive Steering, and 20% more cockpit space.
  • The XTV Frontier 700 6×6 Scout and 8×8 Scout models offer hunter-friendly features while providing the same core capabilities as their Frontier counterparts for thrilling off-road adventures. Both Frontier 8×8 models blend style and function by merging an Aurora heritage with amphibious prowess.
  • The ATV Argo Xplorer XRT 1000 LE has a potent 1000cc V-Twin engine, advanced suspension, and a sleek design; it offers power and style. This ATV ensures a smooth and comfortable ride when navigating rocky paths or muddy trails.
  • The ATV Argo XPLORER XR 700 LE is equipped with a robust 700cc engine; it offers the perfect blend of strength and agility. Its advanced suspension system ensures a smooth and controlled ride, even on challenging trails, while its ergonomic design and comfortable seating make long journeys a pleasure. 
  • The SxS MAGNUM 500 LE has a commanding 500cc engine that combines brute force with precision engineering. It promises a thrilling and comfortable experience with its advanced suspension, ergonomic design, and stylish aesthetics. This toy is a testament to the perfect blend of performance and convenience for riders who crave adventure and exploration.

We have no intention to exhaust the Argo models list. The above options are just a few examples of what you can get from this Canadian, well-established manufacturer. 


Finding the Best Argo ATVs in Canada: Dealers, Locations, and Second-Hand Purchases

Searching for the ideal Argo ATV to take on your wildest off-road adventures can be an exhilarating ride in itself! Across Canada’s vast wilderness, Argo dealerships in various provinces offer an array of models suited for all types of rugged terrains and expeditions.

Ontario hosts many top dealers, like Throttle Powersports, but you don’t need to limit yourself as nationwide dealers make Argos accessible to riders across Canada.

For peace of mind, dealerships provide quality, brand-new Argos plus comprehensive post-purchase services – from setup to maintenance and financing. This ensures a smooth start to your off-road journeys.

Argo ATVs have made an unmatched legacy defined by rugged performance, versatility, and reliability in the off-roading world. These powerful machines are built to be the ultimate partner for thrill-seeking escapes across treacherous trails or peaceful lakes.


Financing Options for Argo Toys

Dreaming of an Argo but worried about affordability? 

Don’t worry; there are plenty of financing options out there that can unlock your ride without breaking the bank. It depends on finding the flexible option to suit your budget or credit situation.

Some of these include;

  • Personal Loans through a Bank or Credit Union
  • Powersports Financing
  • Lease to Own
  • Personal Line of Credit

Doing your research is key to finding the right financing fit. Look for providers that offer transparent terms and quick approvals so you can get rolling sooner. When you’re looking for a fast, reliable financing option that gets you from shopper to owner fast, regardless of your credit situation, contact us at Breeze Financial Solutions.  

Don’t let money worries stop your ambitions! With the right financing partner, you can cruise into Argo ownership and start making memories exploring the wild world around you.




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