Is it time to switch up your quad for a sled? Why not make the best of the winter season by ripping through the snowmobile trails and sending the powder flying?

Like with most off-road vehicles, be they on wheels or tracks, there are several different types of snowmobiles. This means you must decide the right type before picking one out. Whether you’re looking for the most reliable or efficient snowmobile, we go through the classes to help you decide.


What to Consider

The first thing to consider is your budget and whether you will purchase it in cash or finance it. You want to avoid getting excited about a sled only to find its way out of your comfortable price range. On top of that, you’ll also need to consider how much it will cost to insure the sled and factor that cost into monthly payments on the sled itself. Consider looking at another snowmobile if it’s looking on the high side. If it still looks good, then it may make sense for you to make the purchase.

Your personal experience with snowmobiles should also factor in. If you’re a beginner looking for your first sled, you likely will only need one with a lot of power once you get used to it. If you’re looking for a sled to use for working on your property, you will need a fast, lightweight sled to haul anything.

You will also need to determine how you plan to use the sled. Are you looking for a machine to travel long distances or to rip through the trails? Do you need it for work, or is it just for play? These questions will help you determine the right snowmobile for you.


Types of Snowmobiles

There’s a decent array of snowmobiles out there that can do many different things. The right one for you will be the one that will be the best for what you use it for.

Man Riding Polaris Trail Snowmobile

These types of sleds are among the most versatile and often a common choice among riders. They are lightweight and easy to control, which makes them great for beginners. However, many riders outgrow these types of sleds quickly once they get a real taste for snowmobiling.


Sport Trail

A sport trail snowmobile is usually your next step after a trail sled. They are just as lightweight but are more aggressive and have enhanced acceleration and suspension. Sport Trail sleds have a limited amount of horsepower but have enough for most intermediate riders.



These are the sleds you get when looking for a thrill ride. Much like a performance car or truck, performance snowmobiles are built for speed and designed for racing. They are the most aggressive and best for experienced riders.

Rider on Snowmobile on trail in forest


These are the Cadillac of snowmobiles. Touring snowmobiles are built to travel greater distances than a race track, making them more comfortable for long periods. They’re much bulkier than a sled built for speed, so you won’t be able to take super sharp turns, but you can spend the day on the seat.



These sleds are the heavy-duty pickups of snowmobiles. They are meant for work, be it towing equipment for work around your property or hauling people out to your favourite ice fishing spot. They tend to have wider tracks, which make them great for gripping the snow and accelerating in powder.


Time to Choose

No matter what snowmobile you’ve got your eye on, we can help you finance the purchase and get you out in the snow fast. And if you are unsure about the best sled for you, our team of specialists can certainly help you to decide. No matter your credit rating or history, talk to us and we will help you get where you want to be. Apply now and make your snowmobiling dreams a reality!




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