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We are well into the snowmobiling season, and you’ve likely spent it ripping through the local trails and maybe some a bit further away. Do you feel like you’ve all but memorized the local trails and yearn for the thrill you felt at the start of the season? With winter riding season entering its twilight weeks, you might be thinking to yourself, where else can I ride? Fortunately, we live in the best country for backcountry wilderness. From coast to coast, you can find incredible places to take your off-road snowmobile.


In the East


When it comes to backcountry trails in Ontario, the northern part of the province is home to some incredible wilderness, and some of the best might just be in the small town of Wawa. The area has become a hotspot for boondockers, where being out in the wild is far more important than any amenities. You’ll find untouched snow fields, perfect for your off-road snowmobile, and some pretty spectacular scenery at the same time.


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There’s no shortage of backcountry snowmobiling in La Belle Province, and some of the best is in the Chic-Choc Mountains. Part of the Gaspésie area, there are over 3,000 kilometres of trail and powder and what some call the most technical terrain in the province, so if you’re looking for a challenge, this is the place for you.


New Brunswick

This tiny province is literally covered in snowmobile trails; you could throw a dart at a map of New Brunswick, and you would hit a snowmobiling trail or area no matter where you aimed. Some will take you along the route to several communities, like the Northern Odyssey, which goes from Edmundston to Campbellton to Chauleur to the Acadian Peninsula. Other areas take you in and around the mountain ranges, like the Christmas Mountains or the Fundy Highlands, ideal for backcountry snowmobiling. 



One might think a province known as The Rock wouldn’t be the first place they’d go snowmobiling, but they would be wrong. Inland near Deer Lake there are hundreds of kilometres of terrain where the average snowfall is measured in metres instead of centimetres. The amount of untracked snow cannot be understated—you can spend the entire day riding without seeing a single soul, but since sledding is always better with friends, you won’t be completely on your own.


Way Out West

British Columbia

There’s no shortage of untracked snow in beautiful British Columbia. You can essentially have your pick of any area in the province to take your off-road snowmobile, but Revelstoke is a top choice for a lot of folks when it comes to backcountry snowmobiling. The Monashee and Columbia mountain ranges get an average of 40 feet of snow, which is just begging to be torn up by your sled’s treads.


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Sharing a mountain range with its neighbouring province is a boon for Alberta; the eastern side of the Rocky Mountain range boasts a snow aficionado’s paradise. For off-road snowmobilers, it doesn’t get any better than the Crowsnest Pass in the southern portion of the Alberta Rockies. The low-elevation mountain pass offers a wide array of riding opportunities, with everything from family-friendly snowmobile trails to high-alpine backcountry snowmobiling terrain.



In northern Manitoba, off road snowmobiles aren’t just for recreation, they are a necessity for life. So a lot of their trail systems will lead you to a town, like Flin Flon or The Pas, which is always great when you need to stop for a snack. Surrounding the communities are rivers, lakes, and trees, which become a snowmobiler’s dream once the snow has fallen.


Get sledding

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