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When we say off-road, we really do mean off the road.

At Breeze Financial, we don’t just finance ATVs. Powersports is much bigger than that and going off-road opens up a whole new world of possibilities. We’ve got the machines that can handle it all–mud, dirt, snow, or water.


Yes, the first thing people think of when they hear ‘off-road vehicle’ is the ATV. ATVs offer a freedom that you can only get from an off-road vehicle and can be used pretty much year-round if that’s your preference.

While we love them, they’re not the only off-road vehicle out there, so read on for other ways to get off the beaten path.

Dirt Bikes

powersports dirt bike

Be it for riding in motocross or through backcountry trails, the dirt bike is an excellent off-road vehicle. Ripping through the landscape on one of these babies is an exhilarating experience. Once you’re experienced enough to go off jumps, you’ll wonder what took you so long to start riding.

It’s good for your physical health, as controlling a dirt bike requires both upper and lower body strength. but it also helps your mental health, as it’s an incredible stress reliever. Going off a jump, experiencing that moment of weightlessness, then sticking the landing? Incredible. 


This is Canada; there’s going to be winter no matter where you are in the country. So why not take advantage of the snowy season with a snowmobile

Getting out and being active in the winter makes it that much more bearable, and snowmobiling is a great activity to do with friends. It’s another activity that’s also good for your mental health, as most of us know we can feel a little dragged down during the winter.

Fun fact: They were invented in Quebec in the 1920s by Bombardier–nothing’s more Canadian than that!


powersports watercraft sea doo

Solid land isn’t the only place to take an off-road vehicle. All that water in the lakes and ocean and it’s just begging for you to ride through it.

A sea doo opens up a whole new world of powersports for the water enthusiast. They are easier to operate than a boat, and they’re far more versatile. It’s also easier to stop and turn on a sea doo than a boat, which means you can go to more places.


Often called UTVs (utility terrain vehicle), a side-by-side, or SXS, is a larger off-road vehicle that will have two seats side-by-side (get it?), one for the driver and one for a passenger. These are a great option for families with members that may be too young or anxious to ride on their own, but still want the experience.

They’re usually wider than a regular ATV, which makes them more stable. Anyone that is scared of potentially rolling over a quad or a trike will feel much better in a SXS. 

They’re also good for more than just recreation. They’re meant to be used for work, and you can haul and pull things with more maneuverability than with a full sized truck. Multipurpose vehicles give you far more bang for your buck.

What’s In Stock

Now that we’ve put the bug in your ear, take a look at what Breeze Financial has in stock for off-road vehicles. We’ll work with you to get you the ride of your dreams, whether it’s for dirt, snow, or water.

Ready to talk about financing? Your journey to a new off-road vehicle starts today. So apply now and we’ll get an appointment set up. 




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