Traversing acres of land on foot isn’t reasonable for most farmers and ranchers. Getting from one end of the property to the other, no matter the size of the plot is infinitely easier with wheels underneath you. Powersport vehicles such as ATVs and UTVs have become increasingly popular for farmers and owners of significant land.

Of course, a truck or a tractor can easily do the trick, but leave the truck for the roads. An all-terrain vehicle is faster to hop onto and rip out to the area you need to get to without limitations. It goes without question that a UTV can get into places a full-sized vehicle cannot. The benefit of UTVs for farming far surpass getting from one side of your land; it’s a real workhorse and can become your best ally out in the field.  



There is no lack of work on farms and ranches that don’t involve crops or animals. Doing the proper maintenance to keep the land in tip-top shape and, for some, your business running smoothly and preventing any production delays is hugely beneficial.

With UTV farm attachments, a cart in tow can provide you with an easy way to get your materials to the edge of your property, whether it’s for fixing a fence or cleaning up. Using a rear-mounted wire unroller ATV farming attachment makes it even easier to get the correct lengths of barbed wire you need to make the repairs much more efficiently.

You can also use the ATV  for lawn maintenance. Having a pull-behind mower or a mower deck for your ATV makes mowing down grass an absolute breeze; not only is this fun, but the correct ATV attachments can save you lots of time. 

Time is money, and ensuring the path to your property is easy to travel is vital to your day-to-day success. Maintaining brush in the ditch from overgrowing and taking over the road is easy with a blade attachment. You can grade your road and paths making it a much smoother ride.

In the winter, your powersport vehicle can be used to plow not only your driveway but all the routes to the farm’s outbuildings and other hard-to-reach areas. Keeping clear roads and paths is essential to keep tabs on animals and the different regions of the property that may not be as accessible in the warmer months.


Plants and Animals

Depending on the size of your fields, use the UTV as a tractor to plant your crops. With UTV farm attachments like a seed spreader, your vehicle will make planting season much quicker, and the sooner the seed is in the ground, the sooner it will start growing. Optimizing your UTV attachments for spreading fertilizer and ensuring your crops are provided with the proper nutrients while quickly hopping on and checking their progress is another way of utilizing your machine. 

There are other attachments for ATVs that will make your farming life more accessible; some of the best ATVs for farm work have tow-behind rakes to clear cluttered areas of debris much faster than by hand. You can even use an ATV to harrow your fields after you plant to keep the soil smooth. Not to mention incredibly useful during harvest season. 

ATVs and UTVs are also beneficial when dealing with your animals. Hauling heavy feed bags out to their barn can be infinitely more accessible with them. It’s also an excellent way to round up stubborn livestock refusing to return to the barn. 

The sound of the powersport vehicle’s engine can spook animals, so be sure to get them used to your riding in the pasture. Provide appropriate treats and take the correct safety measures to help them associate the sound of a motor with a positive experience and not scare them.

With harvest season just around the corner, there are various ATVs and UTVs that can accommodate you out in the field and make your life easier. We can have you on the best ATV for farm work or the UTV you need for farming through easy financing. Whatever your purpose, making your all-terrain vehicle do the work for you may be your best investment. Apply now and find out how!




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