With the warm weather and vacation time about to start, it’s hard to keep your mind on work when you’d rather be outdoors. It’s the best time to head out with your ATV, but unless you live near the local trails, you may need an alternative way to get your ride there.

Many riders load their ATVs in their trucks, but only some have a truck large enough. That’s where a trailer comes in. A trailer offers the convenience of a truck and allows you to transport your ATV to any location you can dream of. Low to the ground and with a flatbed, you can drive your ATV right onto the back, tie it down, and head out to the trails.

Before towing a trailer there are a few areas to consider and tips to apply before hauling your ride to your next greatest adventure. 


Practice makes prepared

Driving while towing a trailer feels different from going without one, so take the time to practice driving, backing up, and hooking it up. You’ll want to be comfortable maneuvering with the trailer before getting your ATV strapped on.

Trailers can increase your blind spot, so you must know your surroundings when turning or changing lanes. It also takes longer to come to a complete stop, be aware of that while on a busy road and give yourself enough time and space to stop when needed.


The right equipment for the job

Ensure your trailer is the right size and your vehicle has ATV towing capacity. Finding the best ATV trailers and getting one that’s too big or small will make getting your ride to the trails more challenging. There are a variety of options and inventory for your perfect trailer.


Inspect all the parts

Make sure you properly walk around and inspect these areas of your trailer. 

Trailer bearings: Check that they’re not locked, as it’ll make it more difficult to control the trailer’s speed.

Lights: The lights allow you to let other drivers know that your trailer is braking or turning, so you’re going to want those working to avoid any incidents on the road.

Trailer hitch: Ensure it’s free of rust and tightened properly. The last thing you need is it popping off while you’re on the road.

Tires: Must be inflated to the correct pressure, especially once a heavy load like your ATV is on the trailer.


Keep it level

Refrain from loading your ATV on uneven ground. Make sure you park your trailer on a flat, even surface before you try driving your ride onto the trailer bed. It’ll make it easier to load your ATV properly and prevent any additional wear and tear on your tires.


Even weight

You’re going to want the ATV centred on the trailer, but what that looks like depends on its size of it. Center the weight on the front axle, and the tires should have the proper pressure. Distributing weight evenly on a trailer will make driving easier with the trailer and prevent fishtailing.


Secure it

The last thing you want happening while transporting your ATV is hitting a nasty bump and having it go flying off the trailer. Use ratchet straps and secure the trailer’s ATV to prevent it from moving around. Also, consider keeping other equipment in your vehicle instead of on the trailer if you can’t secure it properly.


Hit the road

Now that you’re comfortable driving with the trailer you’ve loaded and secured the ATV, and all your equipment ready, it’s time to hit the road! If you’re looking at getting an ATV or a trailer to haul it, we at Breeze Financial can help you get eh best ATV trailer. Apply now and make that dream a reality!




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