No matter the time of year, you will likely dream of hitting the trails. Winter is just around the corner, but this in-between weather has the trails a little extra mucky. Once the ground freezes, we must know that the mud will return once the snow melts. Mud and trail riding go hand in hand. When the ground is a little soft and wet, you will need ATV mud tires if you plan to ride.


Why go mudding?

For those who never grew out of playing in the mud, the great news is you still can! With your best mudding ATV, blowing through mud patches will feed your inner child in a way that’s considered acceptable as an adult. Those who wait all year for the muddy trails will tell you that not only is mudding a whole lot of fun, but it’s also a challenge. Depending on the consistency of the mud, you may fly through it, or you may slog your way across and barely make it. Either way, it’s going to be dirty, and it’s going to be awesome!

However, that doesn’t mean hopping on your ATV, although the ground is extra moist, and it will be all fun and games. You will need special tires because your regular ones will not hold up to the mud. Trust us on this. You do not want to be stuck in the middle of a bog because it is deeper than it looks, and your treads beneath you can’t quite get you out of a sticky situation.

With some research, finding the best ATV mud tires for you will be worth it.


Choosing the right mud tire

Mud tires are designed to provide the necessary traction to get you through mud trails, but not all mud tires are created equal. When choosing the best mud tires for your ATV, there’s much to consider.

For starters, you’ll need the correct size. Mud tires are larger than regular tires, so if you try to use tires that are too big for your model of ATV, it can impact the vehicle’s performance by preventing the gears from shifting correctly. Check your user manual and see what size mud tire the manufacturer recommends for your ATV.

The next thing to consider is where you ride your ATV. If you’re looking at trails with a few muddy spots but mostly hard-packed dirt, you won’t need the more aggressive mud tires, which don’t do well on dry ground. Having a slightly deeper tread than a standard tire will get you through the muddy patches and completely destroy the terrain of the trail.

On the other hand, if you’re looking at a primarily mud-filled trail, you’ll want a more aggressive mud tire. Treads on these types can be two inches deep and wide lugs that allow the mud to fall off instead of build-up. They will make all the difference in getting through the mud.

The construction of the tire can also be a factor. Whether it’s a radial or bias tire will impact the performance, price, and durability. A radial tire has the underlying rubber-coated steel running from the middle to the side of the tires. This gives them a longer lifespan and quieter ride, but they’re more expensive. A bias tire has the underlying rubber-coated steel running from the center and overlaps at an angle. This makes them more affordable but less durable, depending on the terrain.


Ready to get dirty?

Once you’ve figured out the right mud tires for your ATV, you’ll be fully prepared for when the snow melts. Wondering how to finance your ATV to ensure you don’t miss out on the season ahead? We can help you. Whether you’re in the market for mud tires or a new ATV, we can help you prepare for mudding season. Apply now and get one step closer to your dream ride!





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