Have you been scoping out the ATV world and wondering how you can get in on it? You’re not the only adult beginner ATV rider out there; plenty of folks only get into the sport once they’re older and have the means to do so.

So now you’re thinking you want to, that’s great! But you might also be wondering where to start. We hate to tell you, but you shouldn’t just get the biggest, shiniest, fastest ATV on the market. There’s much to consider when picking the best beginner ATV for you.


Learn to ride

Before purchasing an ATV, ensure you know how to operate it. It’s not just hopping on and revving the engine; unless you’re only riding on private property, you’ll need to be licensed to operate it. Taking an ATV safety course will better prepare you to operate the machine.

One of the biggest reasons for beginner ATV accidents isn’t because the rider was going too fast; they were often too slow. You’re at a much higher gravity angle on an ATV, and if you don’t know how to annul the centrifugal force, you can tip right over. That means you need some speed to drive it, and that can be daunting when you’re first getting started. Taking the time to learn at your own pace will help you be a safer rider.


Your riding style

How you plan to ride the ATV will significantly impact what kind of ATV you should have as a beginner. Are you thinking of long, leisurely rides on well-maintained trails? Or do you want to ride off the beaten path? Is the ATV for carrying you and your equipment while hunting? Or is it for working on the acreage? Don’t just think about how you’ll be riding years down the road; consider how you’ll be riding in the near future. This will help you decide what ATV will work best for you.


Find the right dealership

You will likely need some help picking the right beginner ATV, so you’ll want to talk to an expert rather than looking at online classifieds and buying the cheapest one you know nothing about. Finding an ATV-specific dealership is your best bet, as they will know the different machines and what will work best for your needs and budget. They can help you choose the best model and engine size for your ability level.


Safety first

No matter how skilled of a rider you are, you need safety gear. A helmet is vital, especially when starting out; proper gloves, boots, and goggles will help prevent injuries, even minor ones. 

You should also invest in accessories that will help you when needed. If you slide too far off, a winch can get you out of the deep mud or back onto the trail. A GPS can also save your life if you get lost and need help finding your way home. Also, pack a tire repair kit and some spare spark plugs—you never know what can happen!


Take it easy

Don’t stress yourself out! ATVing is meant to be an enjoyable experience, and you, as a beginner, can experience that for the first time! That’s incredible. 

If you’ve found the right ATV to start out with, we can help get it home to you. We specialize in financing off-road vehicles and will do what it takes to make your dream of being a full-fledged ATV rider a reality. Apply today!




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