There are so many variations of ATVs out there; how do you know which one is right for you? Let’s cover the main differences between ATV styles to help you make a more informed decision.

First of all, ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle, which means they can go just about anywhere. They are designed for either work or play, or even both. Over time, the technology behind them has vastly improved, and ATVs now offer more efficient motors, more advanced parts, and a whole lot more fun. 

Which ATV will work best for your purposes is generally decided as a result of determining the situations in which you will utilize your new ATV. Each variety of ATV is designed with particular purposes in mind, such as hauling, ranching, construction, racing, or recreation. The various types of ATVs include Utility, Side by Side, Youth, Sport, and Special. 

Utility ATVs / Utility Quads:
Utility ATVs are super popular because they can do it all. However, they cost more than other styles because of their extra capabilities and versatility. They are the powerhouses used for work activities, such as plowing or hauling. These ATVs are the ones found in commercial settings.

Two standard features of Utility ATVs are big, powerful engines and shorter suspensions. These attributes are put to good use for farming, hunting, construction work, and anywhere that requires heavy-duty performance. Utility ATVs don’t slip and slide around like the Sport ATVs, but they can get you to the backcountry and other out-of-the-way spots like no other ATV can.

Side by Side ATVs:
Side-by-side ATVs are the big boys. They handle similar solid and durable golf carts and come with a steering wheel instead of handlebars.

They easily fit two people in the front of the ATV (larger is available) and still have plenty of room to carry your stuff in the rear compartment.

Side by Side’s offer a different set of features in comparison to the Utility ATV. A side by side ATV can be customized to your specifications, such as installing power steering, a windshield, and/or air conditioning.

Youth ATVs:
Youth ATVs are meant for the young or young-at-heart. They are smaller and slower ATVs than their counterparts and therefore much easier to handle. 

Usually, Youth ATVs come with automatic transmissions and extra safety features like an automatic kill switch on the motor, in case of unexpected falls. They host an engine size typically between 50cc to 125cc and present a safer alternative for people of all ages. These ATVs are the least expensive to purchase and maintain, yet some say they’re the most fun around.

Sport ATVs / Sport Quads:
Sport ATVs are the racing machine you’ve always wanted. They offer speed, lightweight components with more flexible suspension, and quick engines to respond to your commands. Sport ATVs are made for careening through rough terrain with their exceptional speed and agility.

If you want to race, it has got to be a Sport ATV, as they are the only ones authorized for racing. Also, Sport ATVs have many accessories available for your customization, if your budget should allow for these modifications.

Special ATVs:
Special is the term given to the least common of the ATVs. This category encompasses ATVs such as a six-wheeler to carry more passengers and travel without difficulty on either water or land. 

High-performance ATVs are made for greater speed and acceleration, which may be necessary to cover ground on sand, rocks, and hills. These engines range between 350cc and 700cc.

Other Special ATVs are electric, which bode well for the environment and uses such as hunting where noise is meant to be kept to a minimum. Electric ATVs are expected to gain more significant popularity as their benefits become more widely known. 

Hopefully, this information will help you narrow down your choices for the best ATV to suit the lifestyle of your dreams. And with our help at Breeze Financials we can make your dreams of owning whichever model your reality.




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