You got a need for speed when you’re riding the ATV trails? While your average ATV can go fast, some like to go even quicker, and sport ATVs are an excellent option for those needing speed.

Sport ATVs differ from regular ones because they’re built for speed over practicality. Their lightweight body and two-wheel drive are meant to go ripping over race tracks instead of off-trail. However, an experienced rider could take a sport ATV through ditches and rougher trails for an extra fun ride.

The sport ATV has undergone many changes since its introduction in the 1980s. They are faster than ever, from two-stroke to four-stroke engines, from pogo stick oil shocks to advanced suspension systems, to the shift from carbureted fuel delivery to automatic fuel injection.

Is a sport ATV your next investment?  There are a variety of styles to consider and evaluate before signing the deal. Ready to hit the sand dunes and try out the ditches or trails with a different ride style? When considering a sport ATV, we can assist you with financial advice.


A reliable option for any rider, these sport quads are as reliable as they are fast. There’s an adage about not fixing something that isn’t broken, and that’s what Yamaha did with the YFZ450R. These machines were introduced in 2009, and with their 50-inch width, fuel injection, and aluminum-steel hybrid frame, you still find them in dealerships today.

The Raptor 700R can handle hills, ditches, and mud like nobody’s business. With a 686cc four-stroke engine, you can rip through the terrain with minimal issues. Some say they are the best quad for sand dune racing if you’re looking into racing your pals on the sand.


These well-known rides have long been many racers’ and recreational riders’ top choices. The little speed machine that is the TRZ 450R has long been a fan favourite. Its high-revving engine provides plenty of torque and class-leading handling. It’s also well-designed for aftermarket long-travel suspension upgrades. And to prove it’s lasted the test of time, it’s still used by professional motocross racers today.

The TRX400X was supposed to meet the high-performance racing standard but needed more oomph to make it on the race track. It is, however, an excellent option for ATV racing and recreational riders.


If you want speed on any terrain, these machines can provide it.

The KFX-450R didn’t make a big splash on the motocross circuit, but folks that wanted more speed for trail riding took to it like ducks to water. It has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it easy to whip around trees and shrubs, and a 450cc engine that can meet the requirements for the speed fiends that aren’t into the racing scene.


The motocross world is filled with riders on Suzukis, and it’s not hard to see why.

The LT-R450 is considered one of, if not the best, high-performance four-stroke ATVs. These machines have won dozens of championships as a racing quad, including long-distance competitions—something this quad wasn’t even designed for. That says something about them.


The CFORCE 110 is made for the smaller ones in your family, specialized just for youth ready to ride agile terrain. This smaller but mighty machine is built like the full-size sport ATV model; only this size fosters riders as they grow more confident. The unique electronic technology allows parents to have control even when their riders are out of sight. It is built to allow kids to grow at their adventure level, whether that’s in the backyard, drifting through the trails or amping up for the next race; this machine is built for the best. 


The Scrambler XP 1000 S is built strong. It provides superior performance in the most challenging terrain. You can hit the race track with the Scrambler to fine the toughest trails. It utilizes the toughness of the RXR XP 1000 front differential and half shafts allowing you the peace of mind to know you have the best quad under you for where you want to be. 

Ready to ride?

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