ATV Financing

What is ATV Financing?

ATV Financing is working with lenders to get a loan to purchase an all-terrain vehicle which allows you to make affordable monthly payments rather than paying the entire amount upfront. 

That’s why Breeze Financial Solutions works with a wide array of reputable lenders to help you get a good ATV loan no matter what your credit history is like. 

The benefits of ATV financing

There are many benefits to ATV financing, the most obvious being you can get your new ATV out on the trails a lot sooner than if you waited to save up the full amount. 

The second benefit is that smaller payments are usually easier to manage than one very large payment for most people because it allows for better budgeting, which always makes life a little easier. 

Perhaps the benefit you might not think of is how ATV financing can help improve your credit. If your first thought is, “What? How can that be?”, let us explain. 

To get a good credit score, you actually need to take out loans and repay them on time. Starting off with a smaller loan to finance the purchase of an ATV will help you not only build your credit, but also let you have fun while doing it. This will pay off down the line when you want to make larger purchases, like a car or house.

How ATV financing works

It’s an easy, three-step process to financing your ATV. 

Step 1:
Connect with Breeze

Call, email, text, however you want to reach out, talk to us about your dream machine and we’ll figure out how to get you on it.

Step 2: Find the right loan for you

Breeze Financial Services will work with lenders so you can still get the ride you want, regardless of your credit score. 

Step 3: We work with you to make the right choice for your situation. 

We want to make it as painless as possible for you to go through the lending process, because everyone deserves a chance. 

Types of powersports vehicles we finance

We keep going on about ATV’s, yeah? But we don’t just finance ATVs. Going off-road opens up a whole new world of possibilities and we’ve got the machines that can handle it all–mud, dirt, snow, or water. 

We do have plenty of ATVs, but we also carry dirt bikes and side-by-sides to hit the dirt trails, jet skis to rip through the water, and snowmobiles to whip through the snow.

Check out our full inventory to find the right vehicle for you. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Keep an eye out, because we’re always updating our inventory list.

Why choose Breeze?

We want nothing more than to get you onto a new ATV and into the great outdoors. We will work closely with you and your needs to get you the right vehicle for the right price.

Everyone deserves happiness and fun and we are driven to enable that opportunity for our clients. In fact, we believe this so much that if for any reason we can’t get you financed, we’ll give you the money ourselves, getting you outdoors, having fun, guaranteed.

You have so much to gain and explore with your own ATV, why wait any longer? The great outdoors are calling your name! Breeze Financial Solutions is here for you. 

Contact us today to get started on getting your dream machine!




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