People ask us, “What is the most important thing I need to know before buying an ATV?” And our answer is, ” How much time have you got?”

Here are some topics we often have to know first . . .

  • What is your budget?
  • Are you riding solo or with your own personal Chewbacca?
  • What will be the main use of this vehicle?
  • And that’s just to start.

Let’s get started with the budget question, you must take into account the costs of taking on an ATV, and you obviously don’t want to spend more than you have. What are the costs of buying an ATV? There is the vehicle itself, insurance, gasoline, the gear (so much gear) but that’s another article for another time.

You don’t want to be used as a sad story or a warning to others. Some dealers offer loans of up to ten years, allowing for small weekly payments or monthly payments at affordable rates. These loans are usually flexible and it’s possible for a faster repayment than other agreements.

Are you riding solo or with a passenger?
This is an important question, as an ATV can be a single seat or double seat vehicle. Single seat ATV’s can later be modified and a passenger seat added, but you may need to take a special training course to comply with some local bylaws. Two seat vehicles are designed for two riders (obviously) and are better for couples or families out for an adventure together.

What will be the main use of this vehicle?
Are you just a weekend warrior out for a spin to get away from the rat race? Or are you looking for something you want to dedicate a lot of time to, maybe become a professional ATV rider? Is this just a way to explore places you can’t get to by car, or more for an adrenaline rush? Will your ATV require cargo space, or even high towing capacity? Will you need front or rear luggage racks for accessories, or for transportation purposes? Are you going on a fishing trip, or camping, and need to take a lot of equipment with you? Most ATV’s are designed to keep the rider’s life simple, but sometimes you do have to think ahead.

Technological advances have made it so that ATV’s are no longer the cumbersome metal monsters they once were. Today’s ATV’s are made with the intention that the riders have fun and be safe at the same time. And it’s not just recreational riders who use ATV’s. Law enforcement and many different types of service personnel use ATV’s, so it’s not just something for hunters, campers, or fishermen.

As with certain technologies that have been around for multiple generations, ATV’s have “evolved” as people who rode them as children are now the ones who get to design them and manufacture them! So while, of course, safety is a main concern, the number one design for ATV’s these days is for the rider to have fun! Made to be as light-weight as possible, the machinery itself is designed to have a longer life span, and usually regular gas to run.

Hopefully this covers the basics of choosing the ATV that’s right for you. Not to be too obvious, but the internet is a wonderful resource for those wanting to know more about ATV’s and the world of off-roading. There is also the ATV Buyer’s Guide by Pierre Allard, published by Raven Media Editions every year that is required reading for those wanting to own an ATV, and for explaining the differences between the different vehicles, which ones meet your specific criteria, etc.

When you are ready to make that ATV purchase, make sure you contact Breeze Financial Solutions and we will help you with ATV financing and to take the first step on that journey.




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