No matter what side of the country you’re on, regardless of the province, you can find incredible ATV trails. Canada has no shortage of wilderness that’s begging to be explored. 

Where are the best ATV trails in Canada? Well, that can be subjective depending on your preference of terrain, but we know of a few that are pretty spectacular. 


Best ATV Trails in Ontario

There are many Ontario ATV trails that it’s hard to pick one—so we chose our top two! 

Muskoka Explorer’s Edge is ideal, whether you’re there to ride the trails or hang out by the lake. Located north of Toronto in cottage country, this trail system takes you through many trails around lakes, forests, and cottages. There are plenty of little towns and scenery to explore, with parking lots and staging areas. No matter where you want to start or finish your ride, you’ll find an excellent spot to explore and make memories.

If you are just north of Toronto and you’re asking yourself if there are any ATV trails near me? Another awesome Ontario spot to try is the Park to Park Trail. What was once a railway line is now a system of multi-use trails that links the Killbear and Algonquin Provincial Parks. It has 230 km of trails, with 140 km suitable for ATV riding. Exploring along an old rail line means you can check out historic buildings and experience what the region’s pioneers did.


ATVing in Alberta

Alberta has some epic ATV trails, no matter what part of the province you’re visiting. North, south, central, it doesn’t matter—you’ll find a fantastic place to ride ATV. 

Our top favourite is the Iron Horse Trail. Located in the Lakeland region, this multi-use network has 300 km of rideable trails with campgrounds and small towns along the way. It’s an excellent trail for families and those that want to do a more leisurely trip. You’ll see parkland, boreal forest, wetlands, and sand dunes—there is a little bit of everything for all atv riding.


Backcountry in BC

It’s called beautiful British Columbia for a reason. Mountain ranges are abundant, meaning it’s an outdoor playground like no other. If you’re wondering what ATV trails near me and looking for a challenge, try the Telkwa Pass. Located on the north coast near Terrace, this trail is for those seeking adventure—you’ll see peaks and valleys, lakes and waterfalls, wide-open forest service roads, to extremely narrow paths. Being so remote increases the odds of seeing wildlife like bears and moose.


Eastern epics

The Maritimes and Atlantic Canada offer some big-time trail systems. Newfoundlanders will welcome you with open arms and a prime spot at the kitchen party. On top of the super chill vibe of their culture, they’ve also got some pretty epic ATV trails for you to enjoy their unique landscape. They call it The Rock for a reason. The T’Railway Trail is an epic journey that will take you across the entire island. The 888 km trail follows the old railroad line from St. John’s to Port Aux Basques through boreal forests and sparsely populated areas. Whether you want to make the entire trip or just a day’s journey, you’ll experience a part of the country few get to.

If you’re looking for more of a day ride, Prince Edward Island has a stellar trail for ATV riding. The Eastern King Fun Run trail takes you from Murray River along the eastern side of the province for 55 km. You’ll take in the gorgeous landscape and views of local fishermen, herons, and seals. This trip might be worth packing your fishing rod to see what you can catch.


Hit the Best Trails in Canada

There’s so much to explore and many more to mention whenever you are in our country. Starting with a suitable ATV ride for you is just the beginning. Are you ready to explore Canada’s ATV trails but need an ATV to do so? We at Breeze Financial can help you finance a new off-road vehicle. Apply now and make your ATV dreams a reality!




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